Well, it has been a long break.  I missed talking to you telling you about the things that have been going on with me and my life.  When you would leave me questions about things I would not answer them, not because I didn’t know but I just didn’t.  Now, I promise I will answer them, you can ask  me anything and I will find an answer for you, a truthful answer.

First, I didn’t have a computer to type on and it took me about a year to get one.  I asked you to please donate to me and nobody did not even donate not one person I could not believe that, but Its true not one person would donate to me.  What is it, don’t anybody believe in donating anything anymore.  You never know what’s going on in peoples lives today.  If you can, please donate to them, please, please, please.

Secondly, if you something about strokes that I do not know tell me it won’t hurt nothing.  We are all here to learn something that we don’t already know.  Spreading the knowledge.  Do I still cry, Yes, almost everyday.  Do I still want to stop crying, yes, everyday.  So, what ever is on your mind, please ask me.




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