Usually when someone mentions acupuncture, first they think about is pain. Sometimes, it is physical pain that is actual reason for research about acupuncture or pain and fear of needles during the treatment. Even, many people don’t know about acupuncture. Even this acupuncture is controversial topic from the long time in the history of medicine it’s a latest method with the help of which you get relief from the pain. Now the question arises what it involves?

It involves inserting needles in the various parts of your body to stimulate and this is also known as “acupoints”.  Even Number of scientists proofed that it’s the best method for the treatment of the chronic pain. More than one third of the Americans are suffering from this disease.

More and more people are going for treatment that doesn’t involve the medicines and pain. One of the best and modern methods is acupuncture as this is effective for number of health problems but particularly for pain. It can be used for various ways like Acupuncture for Weight Loss.

When you are looking at acupuncture as pain management option, there are usually two reasons for that.

First; you all ready explore all other options for pain management and this is last option before some other more invasive and radical options. Second; you are all ready well informed about acupuncture and benefits of acupuncture and you are looking in acupuncture like first choice for your treatment. People are using many different ways to get relief from the pain like Massage, Chiropractic adjustments, Neuro structural Integration techniques and emotional freedom techniques but in the recent time, acupuncture is the best method.

At this moment acupuncture is very active field of research in the world, therefore there are different scientists and specialists looking at acupuncture mechanism of action trying to scientifically explain process and results as well. So, Acupuncture can be best and effective method of treatment in case of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, Osteoarthritis and headaches.

In regard of pain relief with acupuncture treatment there is well known chemical reaction that occurs during acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture needles send signal to the brain, than brain send signal to the glands to start release opiates (hormones that control pain) and after that pain is subsidizing. That is very simple explanation of a very complex process. (If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me and I will gladly point direction where to find more information’s about this)

If you are having concerns about actual needle insertion, try to think about all benefits that you will have after treatment. Experienced acupuncturist can insert needles with very minimal discomfort. Even if you fill something that will be very mild electric sensation, tingling or heaviness around acupuncture point. After acupuncture treatment usual descriptions are: relaxing, feeling good, pain free. In long run benefits that you may experience are: better sleep, more energy, less stress and happier.  Now days, many new clinic have been opened in the different places of the world and one of the best clinic is Acupuncture clinic Chicago.

Don’t forget that every journey starts with first step, so let your knowledge to lead your first step on your own “Bridge to Health”.


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