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Right Hemisphere hemorrhagic stroke recovery?

My mother is 55 and suffered a right hemisphere hemorrhagic stroke. She is very sleepy but has days of verbal communication. She is very weak on left side. Can move foot a little bit, responds to pain stimulus in both her leg, foot and arm but can not follow commands with the left side. Her right side is unaffected. I was hoping someone could offer some insight on the recovery ups and downs and process for me and my mom and family. Thanks.


How long does stroke recovery usually span?

My dad had a stroke a couple of years ago, and I've been wondering.


is there any relation between stroke recovery and age?

it is clear that nerve cell once become dead never regenerate.then how is stroke recovery possible?


stroke recovery for middle aged man?

My 37-year-old father just suffered a massive stroke (clot) on the left side of his brain. He had the surgery to take care of the swelling, and he seems to be doing very well. He is very stubborn and always motivated. Is it possible for him to make a full recovery?


my bf's dad has stroke n he is now just had operation a few days ago and he stil hasnt awake…am looking for the best hospital it doesnt matter where as long as it is the best place to recover stroke…i really dont know what to do..hav anyone ever has relative or s.one u know who had stroke b4 and recovered from that? please share the story with me…i really want inspiration…please


Stroke recovery?

My mother had a stroke 2 weeks ago.
The doctor dose not think she will recover. She can not walk, talk or eat. she can not communicate and dose not seem to understand what i say to her. she seems to be in pain as she is always moaning.
Before the stroke she had diabetes, low blood pressuer, a pace maker, kidney problems, and water retention that causes her to have heart failer so she is on oxygen.
Has anyone else had this happen to their parent and what happened. what dections did you have to make.


My grandpa had a stroke. He is 82 years old. He cant move the left side of his body and the right side is twitching. There is a lot of swelling in the brain. What are the chances of recovery and what surgery can help him with the brain swelling? He just had the stroke yesterday.


Stroke Recovery?

My uncle recently had a stroke where his vein or something burst in his right hemisphere, thus paralyzing his left side of his body. We have been "blessed" that he has been recovering very quickly, and what is amazing is that he is able to feel his left side when we massage it for him. He'll be transferring to a rehab center very soon, and i'd like to know how I can cheer him up because he looks a bit sad and to motivate him to regain some strength.