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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura

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How to Recover From a Stroke

Stroke occurs when blood flow stops to any part of the body. When the blood cannot flow to the brain then due to insufficient amount of oxygen that part of body becomes lifeless. This is a stage when life becomes burden and people start thinking that it’s their end. But no it’s not the end because there are people who have recovered survived this and are living happily. Medical treatment can reduce the extent of brain damage. As the recovery period varies from person to person but still one should never lose hope. Here are some tips which can help you in successful recovery:

  1. Rehabilitation program: Rehabilitation programs help the stroke patients to get a life and learn all those skills that they might have lost due to the stroke. These programs include physical therapy, communication skills that help a patient to be normal as he was before the stroke.
  2. Nutritious diet: A healthy and a balanced diet help a patient to recover fast. As a stroke makes a person mentally and physically weak. So it’s very important to have a nutritious diet which will help to regain strength and energy. Some stroke survivors find difficult to eat. So for that one can try cutting food into smaller pieces or can also blend them.
  3. Take help: Recovering from a stroke is something that you cannot do alone. Stroke survivors need assistance most of the time so ask for help. Talk to the people around you whenever you feel depressed or upset. Go out, watch movies, surf internet, play casino games etc.
  4. Resolution: Make it a resolution that you will recover your stroke .You won’t let your stroke to defeat you. As recovering after a stroke is very challenging and may take some time but you should be determined to recover. Enjoy your time with your family and friends besides that follow your doctor’s advice and involve in rehabilitation.
  5. Get the necessary tools: Stroke survivors need some tools for their daily activities. Convert your bathrooms and bedrooms in such a way so that you don’t have problem in moving in wheel chair and hand rails. Accept help from your family members.

Besides these in the end it’s your hope and positive attitude which will help you in successful recovery. We as humans are blessed with such a beautiful life so live it, feel it, accept it happily.


Could I have had a stroke?

Is it brain damage or damaging thoughts?

Disclaimer: I know this post is irrational, absurd, and possibly a bit childish and/or psychotic; and I probably sound like a hyperchondriac, but humor me, if you will.

Question: Is it possible to have a stroke even though you were conscious and fully aware of things throughout the whole duration of the incident?

Recently, during a disagreement gone sour, my boyfriend strangled me (he was pressing my {carotid?} arteries on the sides of my neck), and I felt dizzy and weak in my right arm afterwards, with a tremendous headache, and was stumbling and incorrectly pronouncing simple words when relating the incident to my mother over the phone about several hours afterwards. ( I also took Ibuprofin which I recently found out is bad to take if you're risking a stroke)

In the course of the next few days, I felt weakness and tingling in my arms and recall having trouble lifting one of them while doing laundry. I went to the doctor and she said I was fine, and that although I was experiencing acute symptoms, I did not have a stroke, yet how can she be sure? All she did was look at my pupils and test my strength and reaction. Where were these symptoms stemming from if in fact I did not have a stroke? My arms occasionally still have soreness and weakness sensations which were not there before. She said oxygen was still getting to the brain during the whole incident and that the soreness in my arteries afterward was internal bruising. Is it possible I could have had a minor stroke, and suffered even minimal brain damage that perhaps is undetectable as a result?

I recently asked a question in a medical forum about whether or not it was possible for a person to incur damage to their thought processes and lose their capacity for thought and problem-solving skills due to stroke and a professional responded with this, which really worried me:
"Damage and the subsequent problems with speech, language, and cognition rely entirely on the site and size of the lesion.
Tissue does not regenerate significantly enough to affect functional recovery, unfortunately.
Yes, it is entrirely possible to have damaged reasoning and problem-solving skills. Typically, in the absence of a language deficit, the lesion in that case would most likely be in the frontal lobe of the right cerebral hemisphere."

I acquired no language difficulties or slurred speech after the incident,(nothing that wasn't present before – due to stress) and her answer implied that if there are no language issues, then the damage is most likely present in the frontal lobe and now I am really worried. What functions are associated with the frontal lobe? I do have OCD and tend to fret over things like this. It seems my OCD is still intact by the way, if this this means anything.


Stroke recovery?

My mother had a stroke 2 weeks ago.
The doctor dose not think she will recover. She can not walk, talk or eat. she can not communicate and dose not seem to understand what i say to her. she seems to be in pain as she is always moaning.
Before the stroke she had diabetes, low blood pressuer, a pace maker, kidney problems, and water retention that causes her to have heart failer so she is on oxygen.
Has anyone else had this happen to their parent and what happened. what dections did you have to make.