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I’m Back

Hi everyone I’m back.  It’s so nice to be back.   I missed all of you really bad.  I will be  posting every week to catch up on my messes.

My nurse still is not coming any more, but my husband makes sure that I take a bath one or two times a week.  It is great.

My husband is a great guy, but he can be annoying sometime but I still Love him.  I still go to Bingo.  I just go, but don’t talk to anyone.  I still go to church, everything is the same.

I went on a weekend trip with the ladies at my church to the mountains.  We had a nice time and everyone spoke about things and I spoke and soon as I started to speak, I cried.  But I kept talking and after awhile I stopped crying and keep on talking.  Everyone clapped and praised me because even thoughI spoke and cried, I stopped on my own.  I felt so thankful.  I didn’t cry no more for the weekend.

I desparately need donations, please give.  All you need to do is pick the donation tab on the left side on the top.



Today my nurse came for the last time

Today my nurse came for the last time. My money ran out and I don’t have anymore. I am trying to get a grant from the Alheizmer Association so I can continue to take my baths.

It’s been nice taking a bath two times a week.

I know you are saying thats all but it was something good to me.

If you want to donate money to me you can put it into my paypal account by using my donations page here. You can put whatever amount you want to put. It will help me. The costs for three months was $500. I don’t remember to take baths by myself and when my husband gets home from work and we eat dinner and then we settle for the evening I don’t remember to take a bath. I have a case of not remembering anything at all and crying all the time due to my stroke.

What ever you can do it will be greatly appreciated.

All The Best And Thank You For Visiting My Blog Today


My baths

I am home alone most days, because my husband go to work. I finally got a nurse to come two days a week so that I can take my baths. Even though I can take a bath when my husband come home its that I don’t remember when he is home. Because after we eat dinner it is about 7:00 p.m. Then I watch some television or I’m messing around on the computer then its time for bed and therefore I didn’t remember to tell him I need to take a bath. This is everyday I don’t remember. My sister sent me some sticky’s and I put them somewhere, where I don’t know. The nurse comes on Mondays and Fridays and immediately I jump right to it, because I’ll forget so I do it right then and there. It’s only until March and then thats it, but then my husband knows and he’ll tell me to take a bath and I won’t have to worry about it any more. My husband goes from 7:00 in the morning until 4:30 in the evening. I take him and pick him up. All day everyday all I do is sit home alone. My family is not here its only me.