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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura

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Right Hemisphere hemorrhagic stroke recovery?

My mother is 55 and suffered a right hemisphere hemorrhagic stroke. She is very sleepy but has days of verbal communication. She is very weak on left side. Can move foot a little bit, responds to pain stimulus in both her leg, foot and arm but can not follow commands with the left side. Her right side is unaffected. I was hoping someone could offer some insight on the recovery ups and downs and process for me and my mom and family. Thanks.


Have you ever felt this way about a loved one dying?

My mom is in bad health right now, she has had stroke after stroke. Just to make a long story short, a week ago she had a really bad one. Now she has to have total care 24-7. She can barely feed herself, she told me the other night that she wanted to get right with God. She said she was tired of fighting. I told her it is o.k. and I understand. I was not sure what to say. I can not even imagine what must be going through her mind having to depend on people for your personal needs. Have you ever prayed that God would release your loved one from their pain so they can move to the next life? I feel guilty for feeling this way, but now she is beyond recovery, and she is too far gone for physical therapy. She cannot even sit up on her own. Right side is paralyzed. Is it normal to feel like this?