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Hurdles After My Mini Stroke

The hurdles I had to get over with my crying was my husband and my son.  I  didn’t care about anyone else but them.  Whenever I had to speak to my son I cried.

How can I cry to speak to my own child.  That was very hard for me.  Extremely hard.  He would always say I understand you cry when you say something to anybody not only me but he didn’t understand that I didn’t want to cry when I spoke to him he was my child from birth.
Where my other hurdle came in after my mini stroke was with my husband, how can I cry with my husband. I was married to him for 14 years and I couldn’t explain to him good enough what I was actually crying about. 

I would take him to work and pick him up.  Sometimes
I would cry and sometimes not.  If he only said hello when he got into the car, I would cry. 

He really didn’t understand it.  He would tell me to stop crying all the time, but of course I could not until I was actually finished crying.  It is and was a nightmare.


My mothers 4 year old Maltese was diagnosed with a "mini stroke" yesterday. She will not turn to the right, will only turn left. When she walks straight, her path veers to the left. The vet on looking at her thought it was a inner ear infection but said he saw no sign of infection, so that led him to believe she had had a mini stroke. He said she would probably be better by the end of the week. He gave her a shot and sent her home with 2 meds for the next week. Any one have any experience with small young dogs having a mini stroke?? I'm worried to death about her.