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New news – Breaking Free

I got this from a lady but it tells how it is in the crying spots. It is very interesting.

Breaking Free

That sudden overwhelming feeling of helplessness-right before you start crying uncontrollably. It happens at home, it happens in public. How do you stop it?
Lots of people have offered suggestions, few if any work. The key to stopping the crying is to get to the bottom of why you are crying. What is the trigger? Then, figure out what steps can you take to lessen the affect that trigger has on you.
For myself, I know it was the loss of my husband and best friend after 20 years of being happily married. That was 12 years ago. I am a happy and positive person, but I cannot get through a church service without the tears coming. Brad and I were deeply spiritual and active in our church. Even though I am now attending a different church and a lot of time has passed, it is still a powerful crying trigger for me.
So, I took steps to distance myself from my trigger. I found two Christian programs on TV that were in line with my beliefs and faithfully watched them on Sunday mornings instead of attending church. The tearing intensity dropped. Then I tried attending services in churches where I was less emotionally attached and was able to get through them with only tears in the corners of my eyes.
I am realizing now that physically being in church is not my trigger. It is the mountain of emotions I harbor, ranging from low self-esteem to feeling as though I have failed myself, my family and God in some way. This is a tough combination. It is not something you can unravel and fix in one sitting.
We cry because we feel trapped. I believe that God does not want us to be trapped by our emotions, memories and failures. That is why He gave his Son, Jesus, to open the door to forgiveness. This is the first step to our freedom. “If the Son sets you free, you will be really free.” I’ll take that! God can heal us wherever we are-if we let him. I am claiming this verse for my life. I believe now that I am forgiven for my inadequacies and free from them. I know that the more I live in that freedom, the less I will cry.

Link: John 8: 36 (The Good News Version of the Bible) http://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=+free+indeed&qs_version=GNT


I met a pastor

Today I went to the post office and I met a man who was a pastor and I asked him if he would pray for me. He said he would put on his churches prayer list. He asked me when did I have the stroke and where I lived and I told him and he said he would say for a prayer for me every week. God bless him and his church.


They did it again

I went to Bible Study tonight and I met the lady Toby, and three of the regular girls. They were talking about something godly and I started crying and I said that I don’t know nothing about the bible which I did before I had the stroke. I don’t know the versus and the numbers and they said that I did. I said no I don’t and they said when someone was talking about something I jumped in and I said something on whatever it was they were talking about. I said no I only said at that time, what was in my heart. It happen to fit the conversation. And then Toby suggested I needed prayer again. We gathered in a circle and she said something to God.

I think I’m getting comfortable with the girls from my Bible Study. They let me cry and don’t say anything. They let me recover from my crying on my own. Thats nice.


Hello, this is the first time I'm writing to you. I am 22 years old and I have a 65 years old grandmother, she is the most important person in my life and love her with all my heart. Unfortunately, she had a massive stroke yesterday morning which had affected two thirds of her brain's left hemisphere. The doctor said we still have to wait to see what's gonna happen with her but I don't know much about the recovery process and want to know if she will get better. I am hopping for the best. She is a strong woman and will fight until the end, even though the doctor said she can't understand what we are saying I know she can, she moves her head when we ask her questions and tears when every time she sees us. Please any information about the recovery process and anything that could help me understand what is going to happen now and what I need to do will be very helpful. God Bless you all!


Have you ever felt this way about a loved one dying?

My mom is in bad health right now, she has had stroke after stroke. Just to make a long story short, a week ago she had a really bad one. Now she has to have total care 24-7. She can barely feed herself, she told me the other night that she wanted to get right with God. She said she was tired of fighting. I told her it is o.k. and I understand. I was not sure what to say. I can not even imagine what must be going through her mind having to depend on people for your personal needs. Have you ever prayed that God would release your loved one from their pain so they can move to the next life? I feel guilty for feeling this way, but now she is beyond recovery, and she is too far gone for physical therapy. She cannot even sit up on her own. Right side is paralyzed. Is it normal to feel like this?