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I have had the stroke 5 years ago and still struggling with recovery and my leg and arm muscles seem spastic. Will I ever get the movement back with prolonged exercise? There is no problem with speech or memory,only with movement on left side. Can you help,please


Recovery from moderate stroke. HELP! PLS HELP!?

My wife is hypertensive for the past 5 yrs, sadly she had a moderate stroke 10 days ago. Her right side (arm and leg) disabled and her speech got affected too. Have just brought her home from hospital yesterday. Continuous Rehab therapy was recommended by the doctor. Pls give me good exercise or advice for the fast recovery of my loved one! Thanks so much!


Can u fully recovery from a mild stroke?

Many people do. It means no smoking, regular exercise and diet that will not cause thrombotic plaques (clots) to form and rupture, causing stroke. It will be a lifelong project to stay alive and well!
The anticoagulant medications are critical. Many people who die after a stroke have NOT kept taking their medications, or did not take them properly. Aspirin & clopidogrel (Plavix) will be a mainstay of therapy.
Physical and occupational therapy will help, and the exercises should be continued even after therapy is discontinued.
Good luck with you or your loved one- I hope full recovery is in the future!