I went on a trip to Tybee Island, Geogia. Me and 22 other girls from my church. It was fantastic.

First, we got there on Friday and left on Sunday. When we left to go I was riding in a black explorer and just before we got there the truck broke down on the side of the rode. We called around for a rental and a tow truck. The rental was too much money. We were gonna wait for the tow truck and there were two other cars with girls and one girl stayed with the truck and I went in one of the other cars to the place we were gonna be staying. After a while they got there with the truck.

Then we were to pick where we wanted to sleep and I picked a room on the first floor with two beds in the room. Later on another car came in and they picked their room. They picked my room and one picked the bed and the two others put their beds on the floor so that meant that there were gonna be four people in my room. It was a big house with plenty of room for everyone. I didn’t cry once.

So when everyone got there and picked where they were gonna sleep and the three girls that was in my room decided they wanted to sleep outside so they moved.

That night all 22 girls were there and we sat around the table and we talked and it was time for dinner. We ate everything we could. It was so very nice and since nobody did not have a conversation with me I didn’t cry at all. It was very nice and enjoyable.

The next day we had breakfast and we talked some more and then someone asked me a question and there it was I cried and then I tried to talk and then I talked with no more crying but I could not remember everyones name. I apologized and it was a good.

Some of the girls went to Savannah to go shopping and I stayed at the house. I went with the girl who truck had broke down. When she tried to start it up, it worked, so me and her and one more person decided to go a store and let them check it out.

We left and we were only a few blocks from the house when it broke down again. We called back to the house for someone to come and pick us up. So when the girl came she asked her to drive down the road to a garage so she can see how much they charge to pick it up and fix it. They picked it up and they were looking to see what was wrong with it.

The girls came back from shopping and we ate lunch. Later on we were sitting and talking and then we took some pictures. I didn’t cry one time on Saturday and I was talking and smiling and everything. Boy did I have a nice weekend. It was great. I remembered everyone’s name.

I thanked everybody for putting up with my crying, what little I did.


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