Hi everyone I’m back.  It’s so nice to be back.   I missed all of you really bad.  I will be  posting every week to catch up on my messes.

My nurse still is not coming any more, but my husband makes sure that I take a bath one or two times a week.  It is great.

My husband is a great guy, but he can be annoying sometime but I still Love him.  I still go to Bingo.  I just go, but don’t talk to anyone.  I still go to church, everything is the same.

I went on a weekend trip with the ladies at my church to the mountains.  We had a nice time and everyone spoke about things and I spoke and soon as I started to speak, I cried.  But I kept talking and after awhile I stopped crying and keep on talking.  Everyone clapped and praised me because even thoughI spoke and cried, I stopped on my own.  I felt so thankful.  I didn’t cry no more for the weekend.

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