I am a patholical cryer, that is a person who cry all the time but its not because of depression. I had a stroke and it left me crying. I want to know if you ever heard of it. There doesn’t seem to be anybody who knows about it and I want to know is there anyone I can write to to get doctors to know about this, I am from Rock Hill, South Carolina.


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Gender: Female
Age: 54

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In November 2006 which was Thanksgiving weekend, my mother and my sister came down to visit me. My mother was from New Jersey and my sister was from Virginia. So my sister kept telling me that there was something wrong with my face it was twisted and my husband said that my words was slurring and I said no it wasn’t and I didn’t pay tham any mind. So it was time for my mother and sister to leave so I took them to Charlotte, North Carolina to the bus station. When me and my husband was coming back home, he told me go by the hospital to get a check up so I did. When I got to the hospital and they checked me they told me that I had 7 mini strokes and they kept me there. I was floored and thought they didn’t know what they were talking about. I stayed in the hospital for about two weeks. Then I went home and everything was alright, but then one day I was home by myself and I noticed that I was crying. I was looking at some picture on television and I was crying for nothing because it was nothing for me to cry about because there was no violence in the whole picture or anything like that. Then I just cried for any reason no reason then when someone spoke to me and I had to answer them I cried. So I went to the doctor and I cried. My doctor sent me to see a psychiatrist and he gave me some medicine and he said that he never had a patient that just cried. So after going there for a while I stopped going because he wasn’t helping me and my doctor he gave me the same medicine I was taking from the psychiatrist. So then I went to the Medical client and they did not help me either. So I could not get any help from no doctor in Rock Hill. So it was just me and my crying for two years. I told my nephew Larry and he couldn’t take it and he did some research and he found some doctor who had heard of it (what I had) he had worked on patients and done some research on different patients of his and found out that Citalopram.


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