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My dad has had a hemorrhagic stroke, the longest he coud have been lay on the floor was 18 hours. What are his chances of recovery? he cannot talk and hardly opens his eyes.cannot move his left side.thanks x


Right Hemisphere hemorrhagic stroke recovery?

My mother is 55 and suffered a right hemisphere hemorrhagic stroke. She is very sleepy but has days of verbal communication. She is very weak on left side. Can move foot a little bit, responds to pain stimulus in both her leg, foot and arm but can not follow commands with the left side. Her right side is unaffected. I was hoping someone could offer some insight on the recovery ups and downs and process for me and my mom and family. Thanks.


It is a heart disease due to blockage of artery with an
overriding embolus that stops blood flow.
Ischaemic stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks
an artery supplying blood to the brain.

It is treated with clot-busting drugs within three
hours of onset of symptoms .

Victims of ischaemic stroke may have a better chance
of recovery.

The main symptoms come on suddenly.They may include
weakness,confusion,difficulty speaking of understanding speech
and inability to see properly,get severe headache,experience
dizziness.The symptoms depend on which part of the brain is
affected by a haemorrhage or clot.

Yes,by proper medical management ,these victims may have
better chance of recovery.


How long does stroke recovery usually span?

My dad had a stroke a couple of years ago, and I've been wondering.


My 52 year old dad fell while he was drunk, and hit his head 5 days ago, he suffered a brain hemorrhage on the left side of his brain and is now paralized from the right side. He opens his eyes and seems like he tries to talk but he does not follow commands. It seems like he recognizes myself and my other siblings when we visit him, but I am not too sure. Has anyone had to go through this? Does anyone know what the process is like?
I should also mention that he has cirrhosis of the liver, hepaptitis, high blood pressure and he did heroin in the 1980's.
Also, is the recovery process like?


Advice from Stroke victims ?

I am sorry if my question sounds a little odd, but its more for comfort, my gran had a stroke last wednesday, we had her taken straight to hospital, up until friday she could still talk a bit, since then she has had 3 major strokes in hospital (what the doctors say) and is just basically laying there, when we talk to her she can still squeeze our hand when we ask her too, she can open her eyes and mouth slightly and when you ask her a question she can groan to us.
As she is 89 years old the doctors have said her brain is that badly damaged there is not any chance of recovery and if she has another stroke its likely to finish her off.
The reason I am asking this question is that I would like to know from people that have suffered a stroke and are now recovering and moving around, whether my gran will be in any pain, of course its an question I only want to hear the answer "No", but it would be reassuring to hear and know how se might be feeling and thinking, its horrible seeing her like this as she has always been an independent lady, she still lived by herself and could cook a meal for you up until last wednesday, so to see her in hospital have nurses cleaning her is very upsetting.
I know its a fact that all life eventually comes to an end and my gran has had a good life, 89 years old with no illnesses until now, she has always had family around here, she even went on holiday to Spain last month with my mum and dad but it always comes as a shock.
I won't go on but would appreciate to hear from anyone who knows and has experienced a stroke and are happy to share anything with me that may make my family take some comfort in knowing.
As I say, its a strange time for me as not used to anyone close to me getting ill so I am sorry if my question seems inapproriate and sorry if it has offended anyone
Thank you in advance


My mothers 4 year old Maltese was diagnosed with a "mini stroke" yesterday. She will not turn to the right, will only turn left. When she walks straight, her path veers to the left. The vet on looking at her thought it was a inner ear infection but said he saw no sign of infection, so that led him to believe she had had a mini stroke. He said she would probably be better by the end of the week. He gave her a shot and sent her home with 2 meds for the next week. Any one have any experience with small young dogs having a mini stroke?? I'm worried to death about her.


Have you ever felt this way about a loved one dying?

My mom is in bad health right now, she has had stroke after stroke. Just to make a long story short, a week ago she had a really bad one. Now she has to have total care 24-7. She can barely feed herself, she told me the other night that she wanted to get right with God. She said she was tired of fighting. I told her it is o.k. and I understand. I was not sure what to say. I can not even imagine what must be going through her mind having to depend on people for your personal needs. Have you ever prayed that God would release your loved one from their pain so they can move to the next life? I feel guilty for feeling this way, but now she is beyond recovery, and she is too far gone for physical therapy. She cannot even sit up on her own. Right side is paralyzed. Is it normal to feel like this?


My dad, 65, just had a mild stroke. He suffered left leg and arm numb. But is making recovery now,he can walk and move, but not as long as before.
Does anyone know would he be able to recover fully? And hopefully there won't be another stroke?
I feel very sad and stressed when I heard this. I live very far from my parents and can't help much. I really wish my dad cope well and recovers!


Could I have had a stroke?

Is it brain damage or damaging thoughts?

Disclaimer: I know this post is irrational, absurd, and possibly a bit childish and/or psychotic; and I probably sound like a hyperchondriac, but humor me, if you will.

Question: Is it possible to have a stroke even though you were conscious and fully aware of things throughout the whole duration of the incident?

Recently, during a disagreement gone sour, my boyfriend strangled me (he was pressing my {carotid?} arteries on the sides of my neck), and I felt dizzy and weak in my right arm afterwards, with a tremendous headache, and was stumbling and incorrectly pronouncing simple words when relating the incident to my mother over the phone about several hours afterwards. ( I also took Ibuprofin which I recently found out is bad to take if you're risking a stroke)

In the course of the next few days, I felt weakness and tingling in my arms and recall having trouble lifting one of them while doing laundry. I went to the doctor and she said I was fine, and that although I was experiencing acute symptoms, I did not have a stroke, yet how can she be sure? All she did was look at my pupils and test my strength and reaction. Where were these symptoms stemming from if in fact I did not have a stroke? My arms occasionally still have soreness and weakness sensations which were not there before. She said oxygen was still getting to the brain during the whole incident and that the soreness in my arteries afterward was internal bruising. Is it possible I could have had a minor stroke, and suffered even minimal brain damage that perhaps is undetectable as a result?

I recently asked a question in a medical forum about whether or not it was possible for a person to incur damage to their thought processes and lose their capacity for thought and problem-solving skills due to stroke and a professional responded with this, which really worried me:
"Damage and the subsequent problems with speech, language, and cognition rely entirely on the site and size of the lesion.
Tissue does not regenerate significantly enough to affect functional recovery, unfortunately.
Yes, it is entrirely possible to have damaged reasoning and problem-solving skills. Typically, in the absence of a language deficit, the lesion in that case would most likely be in the frontal lobe of the right cerebral hemisphere."

I acquired no language difficulties or slurred speech after the incident,(nothing that wasn't present before – due to stress) and her answer implied that if there are no language issues, then the damage is most likely present in the frontal lobe and now I am really worried. What functions are associated with the frontal lobe? I do have OCD and tend to fret over things like this. It seems my OCD is still intact by the way, if this this means anything.

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