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Today my nurse came for the last time

Today my nurse came for the last time. My money ran out and I don’t have anymore. I am trying to get a grant from the Alheizmer Association so I can continue to take my baths.

It’s been nice taking a bath two times a week.

I know you are saying thats all but it was something good to me.

If you want to donate money to me you can put it into my paypal account by using my donations page here. You can put whatever amount you want to put. It will help me. The costs for three months was $500. I don’t remember to take baths by myself and when my husband gets home from work and we eat dinner and then we settle for the evening I don’t remember to take a bath. I have a case of not remembering anything at all and crying all the time due to my stroke.

What ever you can do it will be greatly appreciated.

All The Best And Thank You For Visiting My Blog Today


My day with my doctor

Question:  I had a stroke in 2006 and my stroke left me crying all the time.  Whenever I have to speak to anyone I cry, even my son, I cry.  I don’t know why I cry I just cry.  So my delimma is I need a sticker for disabled/handicapped people for my car.  I took the paper I got from the DMV to my doctor and she would sign it because it only had 5 reasons and I didn’t fall the 5 reasons.  I told her that when I need to stop after a few minutes of walking and she said that was okay everybody get a little tired.  I said that I don’t remember things some times and she said that was okay because people don’t always remember things sometime.  I said that I cry when I’m in the car just for no reason.  She said that I should stop the car until I’m finish crying.  I need to go the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles, and talk to someone about the 5 things that I don’t have and tell them what I have to see if they can change anything.  My doctor says that I’m not being treated for any of the 5 things they mentioned so therefore she can’t sign it.  What can I do to get my sticker from DMV.  There is not many people here in South Carolina that crys all time, if any.


My baths

I am home alone most days, because my husband go to work. I finally got a nurse to come two days a week so that I can take my baths. Even though I can take a bath when my husband come home its that I don’t remember when he is home. Because after we eat dinner it is about 7:00 p.m. Then I watch some television or I’m messing around on the computer then its time for bed and therefore I didn’t remember to tell him I need to take a bath. This is everyday I don’t remember. My sister sent me some sticky’s and I put them somewhere, where I don’t know. The nurse comes on Mondays and Fridays and immediately I jump right to it, because I’ll forget so I do it right then and there. It’s only until March and then thats it, but then my husband knows and he’ll tell me to take a bath and I won’t have to worry about it any more. My husband goes from 7:00 in the morning until 4:30 in the evening. I take him and pick him up. All day everyday all I do is sit home alone. My family is not here its only me.


Dinner & Movie

I went to an Arby’s with my Church girl frends we used coupons we brought from the little girls from my church. There were about 11 or 12 of us altogether. We went to see Footlose it was a fantastic movie. We talked at the restaurant and my friend who rode me there met someone who she hadn’t seen in a long time. They sat and talked for a long time. She didn’t go to the movie because she had to go to work. The visit was good for them. We are planning a womens get together for once a week.



M y weekend trip

I went on a trip to Tybee Island, Geogia. Me and 22 other girls from my church. It was fantastic.

First, we got there on Friday and left on Sunday. When we left to go I was riding in a black explorer and just before we got there the truck broke down on the side of the rode. We called around for a rental and a tow truck. The rental was too much money. We were gonna wait for the tow truck and there were two other cars with girls and one girl stayed with the truck and I went in one of the other cars to the place we were gonna be staying. After a while they got there with the truck.

Then we were to pick where we wanted to sleep and I picked a room on the first floor with two beds in the room. Later on another car came in and they picked their room. They picked my room and one picked the bed and the two others put their beds on the floor so that meant that there were gonna be four people in my room. It was a big house with plenty of room for everyone. I didn’t cry once.

So when everyone got there and picked where they were gonna sleep and the three girls that was in my room decided they wanted to sleep outside so they moved.

That night all 22 girls were there and we sat around the table and we talked and it was time for dinner. We ate everything we could. It was so very nice and since nobody did not have a conversation with me I didn’t cry at all. It was very nice and enjoyable.

The next day we had breakfast and we talked some more and then someone asked me a question and there it was I cried and then I tried to talk and then I talked with no more crying but I could not remember everyones name. I apologized and it was a good.

Some of the girls went to Savannah to go shopping and I stayed at the house. I went with the girl who truck had broke down. When she tried to start it up, it worked, so me and her and one more person decided to go a store and let them check it out.

We left and we were only a few blocks from the house when it broke down again. We called back to the house for someone to come and pick us up. So when the girl came she asked her to drive down the road to a garage so she can see how much they charge to pick it up and fix it. They picked it up and they were looking to see what was wrong with it.

The girls came back from shopping and we ate lunch. Later on we were sitting and talking and then we took some pictures. I didn’t cry one time on Saturday and I was talking and smiling and everything. Boy did I have a nice weekend. It was great. I remembered everyone’s name.

I thanked everybody for putting up with my crying, what little I did.


My weekend trip

I went away for a weekend trip to a lake in South Carolina. I went with my sisters from Bible Study. It was great. We stayed at one of their lake houses. Everybody cooked something but I didn’t have to cook. We got there on a Friday and left on Sunday afternoon. I had went there and I had to take a needle in my stomach every night and one of the girls gave it to me. I thank her for doing that. But it was joyous and very religious. We read and answered questions about the bible but I cried. They let me cry and went on with what ever we were studing. It was a great weekend trip.


Stroke victims are disabled too!

Hello to all, I would like to tell a story on an issue that most people don’t want to consider as being an illness. A few years ago, my aunt Gwen had a stroke and like most people with not much knowledge as to what that truly mean. I felt sad for her, but went on with my daily activities as if she would recover easily from a cold. It wasn’t until a friend invited me down to North Carolina for a visit that I had the chance to drive to her house in South Carolina to see her. It still didn’t hit me that her condition was far more worse that I thought, until I decided to stay with her for a few weeks. As I watched her move along her house trying to live a normal everyday life. I noticed how much this stroke has taken a serious hold of her. Her balance is off when she walks, she can’t remember much of anything from the past, her speech is slurred and so she cry while trying to explain a topic or just from a simple question asked. Suddenly, my sadness became fear. I was struck with a harsh reality that her life would never be the same. She doesn’t talk, walk or think the way she use too and I am stared for her. I watched a strong, funny and well rounded woman, change to a woman who has no control over her emotions, as well as her mobile skills. I know that some people really don’t take stroke victims as being disabled. They believe that just as long as they could speak, walk and make sense of some things, then they are not considered to be disabled. I say this, because I talked to my aunt Gwen about finding certain services that can come in her home to help out. Her responds was “I wouldn’t be qualified for that.” It is a shame how our agencies do not take a strong look at victims of a stroke. Well to all of you out there who truly believes that, I am here to say that you can not possibly know until you are physically around a stroke victim. This is a true illness and as soon as we all take a true look at it, then we can learn how to treat it as a disability. I hope this small blog help bring awareness! God Bless!


I met a pastor

Today I went to the post office and I met a man who was a pastor and I asked him if he would pray for me. He said he would put on his churches prayer list. He asked me when did I have the stroke and where I lived and I told him and he said he would say for a prayer for me every week. God bless him and his church.


My neice came to visit me

My neice came down from Maryland and I remembered her from before I had my stroke. I kissed her because I loved her very much and she came with her friend which I didn’t remember her name but I know she lived in Gastonia, NC and I cried and said I was sorry for not remembering her and she said that it was alright but I cried anyway. They visited me for three hours and it was very nice and exciting.


They did it again

I went to Bible Study tonight and I met the lady Toby, and three of the regular girls. They were talking about something godly and I started crying and I said that I don’t know nothing about the bible which I did before I had the stroke. I don’t know the versus and the numbers and they said that I did. I said no I don’t and they said when someone was talking about something I jumped in and I said something on whatever it was they were talking about. I said no I only said at that time, what was in my heart. It happen to fit the conversation. And then Toby suggested I needed prayer again. We gathered in a circle and she said something to God.

I think I’m getting comfortable with the girls from my Bible Study. They let me cry and don’t say anything. They let me recover from my crying on my own. Thats nice.

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