Well, my son, his girlfriend, and their six kids were with me for 9 months.  That was the most horrific 9 months of my life.  My landlord wanted me to purchase the house at first I said yes but then I said no.  You should have seen my house it was like a roach haven in there.  I just couldn’t take it anymore I had to ask them to leave.  The little girl who was 2 years old kept hitten me everytime she went past me.  I just cried and cried all the time.  The kids would act like I wasn’t there.  They would go outside at 9:00 or 10:00 at night and they would say that they were going to visit their friends.  I wouldn’t let them have any friends over to my house not ever and they thought that was crazy.  I said there was already 6 of you kids what would I do with friends too.   When they left for one night the mother went to the hospital for a couple of days and when they let her out they came right back to my house.  I said no you can’t stay here so they went to a hotel and one sometimes two of the girls came back to go to school.  Then my son and his son came back for what reason I can’t tell you but they came anyway and then one girl and sometimes two girls came to go to school.


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