lower your blood pressure naturally
lower your blood pressure naturally

Most people already know that stress and high blood pressure are related. In this article, I’ll share with you 3 great tips for lowering your blood pressure and your stress together. I’ll also remind you that stress is not the only factor for those with high blood pressure to consider.

Tip 1 – Try Supplements

Supplements are not a “magic bullet” cure for hypertension but as part of an overall program they are great.

L-theanine is a very little known about supplement that is derived from an amino acid in tea. This stuff has been used in Japan since the 60s with no known side effects.

It doesn’t make you drowsy but it does reduce mental and physical stress and boosts the immune system too.

Tip 2 – Biofeedback

We have much more control over our own bodies than most of us usually think about. Did you know that you can actually reduce your bp by “willing” or “thinking” about it coming down? This is known in medical science as biofeedback.

Tip 3 – Exercise

Exercise has a great benefit to the cardiovascular system generally. It widens the arteries and therefore lowers the blood pressure. It also helps to rid the arterial walls of deposits.

But leaving aside these benefits, it is also a great stress reliever. People who exercise once a day or once every two days are well known to have much less stress than those who never do any exercise.

Other Factors – Diet And Exercise

Exercise we already mentioned is very beneficial for reducing blood pressure. But you also need to consider your diet. Although some people think that all their hypertension problems are caused by stress, this is extremely rarely the case. For 99% of people, it is a combination of diet, exercise and stress and all three need to be looked at carefully.

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