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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura

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I am finally Online Again

Well, it has been a long break.  I missed talking to you telling you about the things that have been going on with me and my life.  When you would leave me questions about things I would not answer them, not because I didn’t know but I just didn’t.  Now, I promise I will answer them, you can ask  me anything and I will find an answer for you, a truthful answer.

First, I didn’t have a computer to type on and it took me about a year to get one.  I asked you to please donate to me and nobody did not even donate not one person I could not believe that, but Its true not one person would donate to me.  What is it, don’t anybody believe in donating anything anymore.  You never know what’s going on in peoples lives today.  If you can, please donate to them, please, please, please.

Secondly, if you something about strokes that I do not know tell me it won’t hurt nothing.  We are all here to learn something that we don’t already know.  Spreading the knowledge.  Do I still cry, Yes, almost everyday.  Do I still want to stop crying, yes, everyday.  So, what ever is on your mind, please ask me.




My dog Lady Passed

After 14 years my dog Lady finally left me.  She went to dog heaven.  I hope she is

doing okay.  I had Lady before I had my stroke and we went everywhere.  Then after

my stroke we didn’t go that many places anymore but she was still with me.  She was

more of a friend to me then a pet.  Lady was my best friend and my only friend.


They are finally gone

My son and daughter in law and their six kids are gone.   They finally moved out of my house.  They moved out of state.  Thank God.    I moved out of my house also.  I didn’t want to live there any more.  Not after they lived there with me.


Acupuncture and Pain

Usually when someone mentions acupuncture, first they think about is pain. Sometimes, it is physical pain that is actual reason for research about acupuncture or pain and fear of needles during the treatment. Even, many people don’t know about acupuncture. Even this acupuncture is controversial topic from the long time in the history of medicine it’s a latest method with the help of which you get relief from the pain. Now the question arises what it involves?

It involves inserting needles in the various parts of your body to stimulate and this is also known as “acupoints”.  Even Number of scientists proofed that it’s the best method for the treatment of the chronic pain. More than one third of the Americans are suffering from this disease.

More and more people are going for treatment that doesn’t involve the medicines and pain. One of the best and modern methods is acupuncture as this is effective for number of health problems but particularly for pain. It can be used for various ways like Acupuncture for Weight Loss.

When you are looking at acupuncture as pain management option, there are usually two reasons for that.

First; you all ready explore all other options for pain management and this is last option before some other more invasive and radical options. Second; you are all ready well informed about acupuncture and benefits of acupuncture and you are looking in acupuncture like first choice for your treatment. People are using many different ways to get relief from the pain like Massage, Chiropractic adjustments, Neuro structural Integration techniques and emotional freedom techniques but in the recent time, acupuncture is the best method.

At this moment acupuncture is very active field of research in the world, therefore there are different scientists and specialists looking at acupuncture mechanism of action trying to scientifically explain process and results as well. So, Acupuncture can be best and effective method of treatment in case of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, Osteoarthritis and headaches.

In regard of pain relief with acupuncture treatment there is well known chemical reaction that occurs during acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture needles send signal to the brain, than brain send signal to the glands to start release opiates (hormones that control pain) and after that pain is subsidizing. That is very simple explanation of a very complex process. (If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me and I will gladly point direction where to find more information’s about this)

If you are having concerns about actual needle insertion, try to think about all benefits that you will have after treatment. Experienced acupuncturist can insert needles with very minimal discomfort. Even if you fill something that will be very mild electric sensation, tingling or heaviness around acupuncture point. After acupuncture treatment usual descriptions are: relaxing, feeling good, pain free. In long run benefits that you may experience are: better sleep, more energy, less stress and happier.  Now days, many new clinic have been opened in the different places of the world and one of the best clinic is Acupuncture clinic Chicago.

Don’t forget that every journey starts with first step, so let your knowledge to lead your first step on your own “Bridge to Health”.


The Joint Replacement Center of Scottsdale

PHOENIX…October 11, 2012…Eight, Arizona PBS and The Joint Replacement Center of Scottsdale brings the operating room into viewerliving rooms for the launch of The Latest Procedure,Tuesday, November 13 at 8 p.m.The pilot program for the anticipated medical series is titled, The Latest Procedure: Anterior Total Hip Replacement Surgery.Its premiereprecedesthe 30-year anniversary of Eight’s first “OR”broadcast in February 1983 whenthe PBS station aired the world’s first live telecast of open heart surgery.


“Our goal of The Latest Procedure is to inform individuals about healthy living practices, medical discoveries, diagnoses and treatments to foster better health,” said Eight’s General Manager Kelly McCullough. “The healthcare landscape is changing – shifting the burden of responsibility to patients to take a more assertive role in their own care and leaving many patients feeling inadequately informed about their own health concerns. This multi-media project delivers content across many platforms – television programs, the web, social media and educational outreach – to educate viewers about their healthcare options. We’re also pleased to have the Maricopa County Medical Society serve as a content advisor.”


The Latest Procedure: Anterior Total Hip ReplacementSurgerykicks off the project by going inside the OR with Arizona’s own orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ted Firestone, as he explains step-by-step this innovative approach currently used in approximately 20 percent of hip replacement surgeries nationally. Pioneered by Dr. Joel Matta of Los Angeles,world-renowned pelvic fracture surgeon,the anterior hip replacement technique has meant less pain and fewer post-operative precautions for patients.


“This is the least invasive way to perform a total hip replacement because themuscles about the hip are spread rather than incised,” said Dr. Firestone, Medical Director of the Total Joint Replacement program at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea. “In my experience, patientsundergoing anterior hip replacement versus the conventional posterior surgery left the hospital a full day earlier. I’ve also found that they experience less post-op pain and require fewer precautions.


“I’ve performed over 600of these procedures using a special orthopedic table. This table allows for x-rays to be obtained during the procedure which help to improve the accuracy of component positioning and leg length determination.”


During Eight’s hour-long program, viewers not only scrub in with Dr. Firestone, but they get a bird’s-eye view of the operation through a mini-cam strapped to the surgeon’s head. Zooming out, they watch his play-by-playaccount of the surgery. They also join him as he meetsthe patient, demonstrates surgical tools and provides a personal tour of the OR before surgery begins. This includes explanation of the unique operating table designed for anterior hip replacement surgery by Dr. Matta. Following surgery, Dr. Firestone takes viewers back to the patient’s recovery room only three hours after the operation – and the audience walks with her down the hall!


During the show, Dr. Firestonealso is interviewed at Eight studiosby host Jim Cissell. After reviewing hip replacement basics, the surgeon points to a hip model to explain how he uses various instruments and actual implant components during surgery.In a taped segment, Dr. Firestone examines the patient at her two-week follow-up appointment and the audience gets to see her progress. The show’s website is: azpbs.org/procedure.


“I find it somewhat prophetic that one of Dr. Firestone’s best-known patients, Dr. Edward Diethrich, was also the world-renowned cardiac surgeon featured in Eight’s live telecast of open heart surgery in 1983,” said Eight’s McCullough. “With the launch of The Latest Procedure, we’re coming full circle in our effort to helpArizonans be smarter healthcare consumers.”


Dr. Diethrich was Medical Director of Arizona Heart Institute, a diagnostic and treatment center for heart disease, when it co-produced The Operation with Eight in February 1983. Here’s a link: azpbs.org/theoperation.


In February 2013, Eightanticipates airing its second programin The Latest Procedure series,featuring the newest techniques in cardiovascular treatments and marking the 30-year anniversary of its groundbreaking broadcast of The Operation. Funding for the new series is being made possible byThe Parsons Foundation and the Friends of Eight.


Since 1983, Eight also has produced other surgery broadcasts including the following:

  • The Implant: Hip Replacement Surgery (1987)
  • Implant II: Knee Replacement Surgery (1990)
  • The Implant III: Hip Revision Surgery (1996)


Eight is co-producing The Latest Procedure: Anterior Total Hip ReplacementSurgery with Chris Wooley of VAS Communications/HiDefMD andWayne Dickmann of Even Keel Productions, Inc.


Eight, Arizona PBS is a trusted community resource.  For over 51 years, the PBS station has focused on educating children, reporting in-depth on public affairs, fostering lifelong learning and celebrating arts and culture. Eight achieves its mission through the power of non-commercial television, the Internet, educational outreach and community-based initiatives. Its signal reaches 86 percent of the homes in Arizona. With more than 1 million viewers weekly, Eight consistently ranks among the most-viewed public television stations per capita in the country. For more information, visit azpbs.org. Eight is a member-supported service and the public media enterprise of Arizona State University.

The Joint Replacement Center of Scottsdale is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Since establishing the Center in September of 2006, their goal has been to provide patients with first-rate state-of-the-art hip replacement and knee replacement surgical care in a setting that’s second to none. Often patients are seen up and walking around in less than a week after surgery.  The office has also won multiple awards, such as Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor since 2006, Castle Connelly Top Doc 2012-13 and U.S. News & World Report Top Doc 2012-2013.  The office can be reached directly at (480) 237-5727, fax:  (480) 657-3207, web:  http://tjrcs.com


Dinner & Movie

I went to an Arby’s with my Church girl frends we used coupons we brought from the little girls from my church. There were about 11 or 12 of us altogether. We went to see Footlose it was a fantastic movie. We talked at the restaurant and my friend who rode me there met someone who she hadn’t seen in a long time. They sat and talked for a long time. She didn’t go to the movie because she had to go to work. The visit was good for them. We are planning a womens get together for once a week.