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Archive for October, 2012

Main causes of stroke

Brain is a very essential organ of our body and In order to work it properly, blood cells requires proper flow of oxygen and glucose from the bloodstream.  When the blood supply to different part of the brain is disrupted, then that situation is called as stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

Stroke is that type of disease that can be usually come suddenly and always treated as medical emergency. So this, stroke cause a bloods cells to die because blood cells didn’t oxygen from the bloodstream.  There are many reasons behind the stroke and some of the main causes of stroke are discussed below.

Artery Blockage: One of the major causes of stroke is Artery blockage. In simple terms, we can say that blockage of the artery is main caused by a clot in the nerves of the brain. In this situation, many parts of your brain didn’t get proper oxygen and blood, cells of brain die and brain stops working. In medical terms, a cholesterol plaque in the small blood vessel that causes the blood vessels narrowing ruptures and will ultimately forms the small blood clot.

Uncontrolled High pressure: This is another major reason of stroke. Hemorrhage strokes are the strokes which are caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure and this will leads to head injury and finally stroke. High blood pressure is the one of the most common cause of stroke as this causes small arteries to burst in your brain.

Aneurysms: This is also another major cause which leads to stroke. In this situation, Pouches which are filled with blood are burst out in the wall of an artery. This is the major cause of the subarachnoid hemorrhage. Sometimes, This Aneurysms get worse with high blood pressure and hence it leads to brain stop working.

Depression: Yes, Depression is one of the major causes of stroke. It’s very difficult for some people to handle pressure and hence they suffer from depression for example a person who loses his money in casino (www.finestonlinecasinos.com) suffer from high blood pressure and finally died just because of this stroke.

Common causes:  There are few common causes which also lead to stroke. Some of the researchers say that smoking, fat stomach, poor diet, diabetes, drinking alcohol, depression also main causes of stroke .A regular drinker who are crazy about alcohol and takes alcohol daily have the maximum chances of getting a stroke.

I think it’s very important for us to avoid depression, start doing physical activities and yoga regularly and this will decreases the chances of getting a stroke.


How to Recover From a Stroke

Stroke occurs when blood flow stops to any part of the body. When the blood cannot flow to the brain then due to insufficient amount of oxygen that part of body becomes lifeless. This is a stage when life becomes burden and people start thinking that it’s their end. But no it’s not the end because there are people who have recovered survived this and are living happily. Medical treatment can reduce the extent of brain damage. As the recovery period varies from person to person but still one should never lose hope. Here are some tips which can help you in successful recovery:

  1. Rehabilitation program: Rehabilitation programs help the stroke patients to get a life and learn all those skills that they might have lost due to the stroke. These programs include physical therapy, communication skills that help a patient to be normal as he was before the stroke.
  2. Nutritious diet: A healthy and a balanced diet help a patient to recover fast. As a stroke makes a person mentally and physically weak. So it’s very important to have a nutritious diet which will help to regain strength and energy. Some stroke survivors find difficult to eat. So for that one can try cutting food into smaller pieces or can also blend them.
  3. Take help: Recovering from a stroke is something that you cannot do alone. Stroke survivors need assistance most of the time so ask for help. Talk to the people around you whenever you feel depressed or upset. Go out, watch movies, surf internet, play casino games etc.
  4. Resolution: Make it a resolution that you will recover your stroke .You won’t let your stroke to defeat you. As recovering after a stroke is very challenging and may take some time but you should be determined to recover. Enjoy your time with your family and friends besides that follow your doctor’s advice and involve in rehabilitation.
  5. Get the necessary tools: Stroke survivors need some tools for their daily activities. Convert your bathrooms and bedrooms in such a way so that you don’t have problem in moving in wheel chair and hand rails. Accept help from your family members.

Besides these in the end it’s your hope and positive attitude which will help you in successful recovery. We as humans are blessed with such a beautiful life so live it, feel it, accept it happily.