how do you feel as
hurdles you have had to get over
thing you find really hard
all types of things like this.

1. The things I find that is really hard for me was setting up a website that
was almost impossible for me to do. I could not remember this or that.
My son set up my website for me and he didn’t really know how but he did
it anyway. On Saturday and Sundays I have to go with my husband to play bingo
and I couldn’t talk to any one because I would cry and I did not want all
those people seeing me cry so I just didn’t talk. If I had a bingo my
husband would yell bingo for me because I could not yell it for myself.
Sometimes I still have a tendency to cry but mostly I don’t.

2.The hurdles I had to get over with my crying was my husband and my son. I
didn’t care about anyone else but them. Whenever I had to speak to my son I cried.
How can I cry to speak to my own child. That was very hard for me. Extremely hard.
He would always say I understand you cry when you say something to anybody not only
me but he didn’t understand that I didn’t want to cry when I spoke to him he was my
child from birth.

Where my other hurdle came in was with my husband, how can I cry with my husband.
I was married to him for 14 years and I couldn’t explain to him good enough what
I was actually crying about. I would take him to work and pick him up. Sometimes
I would cry and sometimes not. If he only said hello when he got into the car,
I would cry. He really didn’t understand it. He would tell me to stop crying all
the time, but of course I could not until I was actually finished crying. It is
and was a nightmare.

3. All types of things like this would make me cry like when I go to the supermarket.
The girl at the checkerout counter would ask me for my phone number and I would
start crying. I go the health food supermarket and they ask me for something and I cry.
I go to the pharmacy and they ask me something, I cry. I go pay a loan for my husband,
and ask me something, I cry. I go to pizza hut for something and they ask me something,
I cry. Every where I go, I cry. Isn’t that crazy. I’m sorry but if you have what
I have its just plain crazy