Ms. Brathwaite:
I am sorry that you have had a hard time to find me. Yes I have
studied pathological laughing and crying syndrome and your case sounds
close to what I have seen in many of my patients.
Before I can help you further, please provide me with the following
– report of your most recent MRI (if you have the actual scans on a
CD, that would help me greatly)
– triggers for your crying/ actual examples from daily life
– any change in your mood when you cry/ or before you cry.
– how many times a day before you started on citalopram.
You can visit my lab’s website at and check
the Etc section where there is an audio report from NPR about this
There are also some news pieces from Boston Globe and other media that
you can find in our website.


Josef Parvizi MD PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences
Stanford University