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Archive for August, 2007

Stroke recovery?

My mother had a stroke 2 weeks ago.
The doctor dose not think she will recover. She can not walk, talk or eat. she can not communicate and dose not seem to understand what i say to her. she seems to be in pain as she is always moaning.
Before the stroke she had diabetes, low blood pressuer, a pace maker, kidney problems, and water retention that causes her to have heart failer so she is on oxygen.
Has anyone else had this happen to their parent and what happened. what dections did you have to make.


Can we sue or seek compensation from Doctor ?

My father (mid 60s) hit and fall on a concrete floor and was not able to move his hands and legs. He was sent to Changi Hospital for observation. Later, the strength on his left hand & leg improve but not his right hand & leg have a numbness as though the blood has been blocked. This remains for a week. After a few X-Ray and Scan, the doctors believe 'something' is blocking the nerves at the spinal canal. The doctors do not recommend any surgery as my father is already mid 60s.

My father switch to Singapore General Hospital and a senior consultant recommend and process with the surgery. We assume my father would recovery after a few day but to our surprise, my father is left totally disabled. All his muscles has become very soft as thought he has a stroke. Doctor say he would take 9 – 12 months. Its been 2.5 years and my father is still not able to move his right hand (totally) and left leg remains weak. He is now at nursery and the cost is high.

Can we seek compensation ?